Hubcap's origin story

I have two short stories in this anthology -- one is a weirdly poetic thing about surviving a magical apocalypse, and the other is prehistory for the book that's in the final editing stages right now. 

I am very excited about both of these, but mostly about "Cursebot 9000."

New short story & poems

There's a new short story up on the story page, inspired fully by the Humans Are Weird trend and this post on Tumblr. 

I love Humans Are Weird.  I've been writing it for years, and now tons of people have shown up to play with the idea, and there are some fantastic ideas.  Such fun! 

In unrelated news...

Books at the county fair!

I'll be selling my book and giving a talk about my favorite method of beating writer's block at the county fair this year!  I'll be sharing a table with several other local writers -- we have the table for the entire run of the fair, though I'll just be there on Wednesday. 

The fair has a holiday theme this year, and Wednesday will be "Talk Like A Pirate Day."  There is no coincidence that this is the day I've chosen.

Did I mention this other anthology?

This one's out too!  Sonoma: Stories of a region and its people.  It's a collection of stories, essays, and poems about this lovely part of California.  I have two contributions (three if you count the photo).  One is a bit of nonfiction about growing up surrounded by trees, books, and invisible magic.  The other is a poem about a certain plant that grows around here.  It is special.  And not in a way you'd expect.  (No, not that one.) 

The Winners' Anthology is out!

It's out earlier than expected:  No Contest: A Decade of Contest-Winning Stories from Redwood Writers.  I have a steampunk short story in this anthology, with sky whales and a robot named Tankerbelle.  I am very excited.

There would have been two short stories involved, if not for the slight detail of not wanting to bring down the wrath of some powerful lawyers -- fanfiction isn't legal to sell.  But I can share it on the website here, and take comfort in the joy that this delightful bit of absurdity has brought into the world. 

Writers' Conference

I went to a three-day writers' conference this weekend, and it was a grand time.  I keep comparing it to a college creative writing course condensed down to a few days: I learned a lot, got valuable feedback on my writing, and met all sorts of fun new people.  If ever you have the opportunity to attend such a conference as MCWC 2017, I'd recommend it.  It's certainly possible to learn and network on your own without spending the money, but this makes everything much faster, and more fun! 

Prize-winning Fanfiction

Recently my local writing club ran a fanfiction contest.  I'd never actually written fanfiction, though I'd played with ideas and read some excellent works.  And what's more, I had an intriguing concept, suggested by someone on the internet:

An alternate Harry Potter timeline, where the main characters aren’t around to stop the bad guys, and Voldemort is unopposed in gathering his missing Horcruxes so they can’t be destroyed.  Except someone was left behind in Hogwarts: the kid from Home Alone.

An upside to my day job

I work at a plastic store.  It's an uncommon sort of day job, and more interesting than the usual retail experience.  It usually doesn't tie in much to my author life, other than the little display that I've gotten to set up at the counter (which is fun).  

Now though, I've made myself a nice collection of plastic displays for book events.  It started with a polycarbonate book stand, tinted and classy and 250 times more impact-resistant than glass.

Winners' Anthology

You'll notice that "Barefoot in the Sky" has been taken down from the short story section, because it will be in an anthology!  The Redwood Writers have a collection of their various contest winners coming out soon, and my third-place steampunk adventure will be in it. 

Runner Up!

I have the honor of being a runner up in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition, which is delightful.  It even comes with its own nifty web badge.

New short story

There's an addition to the short story roster -- something that started with a compelling idea on Tumblr, and has potential to be something bigger eventually.

Featured Reader

I get to be a featured reader at an Open Mic event (which means I'm allotted more time than the average mortal, muahaha).  It should be lots of fun.  I'll be reading snippets from Sweeping Changes, the sequel, and Cold Space.  If you're in the neighborhood of Santa Rosa CA, come join us! 

3rd place winner!

Recently I wrote a short story so I could submit it to a steampunk contest, and it won third place!  I am delighted.  The story is called "Barefoot in the Sky," and it's now posted in the short story section here.

Short story in an anthology!

Some time ago I mentioned that a short story formerly posted on the site would be published in an anthology.  It's out!  The story is "Cold Space," a fun bit of sci-fi, and the anthology is Untold Stories: From the Deep Part of the Well, a collection of some very interesting short works.

Videos from the public readings

The long-awaited videos of the two events this summer are up on YouTube!  In all their low-quality cell phone glory. 

More ways to be social

I am now part of both Hometown Reads and Imzy, which both look promising.  Hometown Reads is designed to connect authors and readers who happen to live nearby, while Imzy connects people by interest (and is distinctly anti-trolling).

An official Authorly Facebook presence

I've finally gone for it and put up an Author Facebook Page, which will surely have much the same content as other venues (Twitter, Tumblr, this blog).

Two events this summer

If you'll be near Santa Rosa, California on July 10th or 12th, do stop by to hear a snippet of the book read aloud!  There will be other authors showcased at both events, and plenty of bookishness to go around. 

Another way to acquire books!

Physical books are now available through the Direct Purchase option, along with the ebooks!  This is exciting news for those of you interested in supporting authors to the maximum degree possible, and Sticking It To The Man.

One particular short story

One of the short stories that I had posted on this site will soon be published in an anthology (woohoo), so I've taken it down. 

If you can tell which one it was, then you are a Dedicated Fan / Family Member! 


Behold!  I have opened a Twitter account

Exciting stuff.  I now have the appropriate venue for small observations like That dude at the bus stop was totally an orc in another life, and My cat just fell off the bed truly she is a creature of grace and elegance

Giveaway and guest post

The second giveaway is over (congrats to the winner in Canada; the book will be on the way soon).  Interestingly enough, the number of people who entered this time was just a few dozen short of last time: over 1100.  And almost half of those signed up in the last two days. No need to run the giveaway for a month when the about-to-end listings are where the action is!

And on a completely unrelated note, I have a guest post up on Suz Korb's blog!  It's about the inspiration for Sweeping Changes, and an amusing discovery about Hess's name.  Fun stuff.

Giveaway the second

Another copy is up for grabs!  From the 1st to the 7th, you can enter the giveaway for a copy of Sweeping Changes.  In the interests of science (and book promotion), I'm curious to see if more or fewer people enter this one compared to the first. Here's hoping it's more! Perhaps you need a Christmas gift for that hard-to-shop-for person?

TV interview!

I've just been interviewed for a local show called WriterSpeak (which will be up on TV as soon as they get the scheduling finalized).  In the meantime, it's on YouTube!  I daresay more people will be able to see it there than on the local TV channel. 

The giveaway countdown ends!

Holy cow, you guys!  1,191 people signed up for a shot at that one book!  Wow.  I'll definitely have to do that again.  These giveaways are quite the phenomenon. 

Dining with Local Authors

If you're in the Santa Rosa neighborhood on Monday the 12th, come join me along with several other local authors, in a restaurant reading!

The giveaway countdown begins!

We're off to an amazing start -- more people have entered in this first day than I had any right to expect!  Thanks, you guys!  I might actually start to feel like a real professional author one of these days. 

Win a free copy!

During the first week of October, you can enter a giveaway at Goodreads for a free copy of Sweeping Changes, shipped straight to you!  It's even a signed first edition.  Historic!

Totally normal

The Amazon page finally looks like you'd expect it to, with books in stock and no bizarre ETA. 

There's also a used copy available from the UK (?), and a new copy that ships from Japan (??), along with several from various parts of the US. 

Success! Mostly!

The era of pre-order is over!  The book can now be bought on Amazon like any other. 

...Except it says "Usually ships within 1 to 3 months."  That part's a little weird. 

I have learned a thing

It turns out that Amazon release dates are not as smooth and seamless as one might expect.  Today is in fact the 27th, but the page still says to pre-order the book.  (Because, you see, it comes out on the 27th.  Which is today.) 

Well that's interesting

Apparently Amazon can change their release dates without notice.  I swear yesterday it said the physical books would be available on the 20th, but now it says the 27th. 


A copy of Sweeping Changes has been tagged at BookCrossing, and released into the wild. 


The pre-orders are up at Amazon for print books, and a few other sites have the eBooks available.  Those print copies will be available on August 20th.  It's getting closer all the time!

And we're off!

The book is officially available for purchase (Huzzah!), though only in ebook format so far.  The physical copies should take another couple weeks.  And while there is currently just the direct purchase option, I'll soon have links to Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other big names. 

Of course, if you absolutely must have a paper book NowNowNow...

All systems are go

First post, test post! 

As soon as the book goes live on the sale sites, I'll make a Real First Post. 

For now, imagine the cover image on the left is linked to a bookstore. 

Isn't this exciting?  This is very exciting. 

The book, it lives!

I'm social!


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