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Sweeping Changes is

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Ebooks are up 

As planned; how nice!  You can buy the ebook of “We’re the Weird Aliens” here and here (and on many other online retailers) and the paperback here.  Amazon promises to also carry the paperback on December 18th; their pre-order option is up now.  The other stores should be on a similar schedule to Amazon.  (Now taking bets on whether any other Unexpected 2020 Shenanigans pop up.)


Well ahead of the schedule for Amazon and the other big retailers, the “We’re the Weird Aliens” anthology is available to purchase directly from the publishers here, in paperback format.  No worries about getting it in time for holiday gifts now!   

The ebook will be available as planned on November 18th, and the other stores will have the paperbacks on December 18th.   

(Barring any other unforeseen circumstances, of course.  There certainly haven’t been any of THOSE this year.)


The first stage of availability is here: pre-orders for ebooks.  Pre-orders for the physical copies should follow shortly, as will retailers other than Amazon. 

Official release dates: 
Ebook on November 18th 
Paperback on December 18th 
(I realize this is cutting it a bit close for Christmas purposes, but it’s the best we can do.)   

I’ll keep everyone posted about any further updates!

Cover art! 

(^Click through to see.)  Here's what the anthology will look like.  I don't know about you, but I find that alien’s expression funnier every time I look at it.   I'm enjoying thinking up scenarios for what happened before the picture was taken.

Release date coming soon!

While we wait... 

I have two more short stories published in anthologies that other people put together!  One about reincarnation in this book, and one about a goblin saving the day in this magazine.  I love both of them for different reasons.

Anthology progress 

The contracts are signed, the stories are edited, and the manuscript is with the publisher.  In about a month, we'll see a proof copy and cover art.  Hopefully there won't need to be many tweaks.  Onward!

The anthology is a go 

There have been more than enough good entries to make an anthology we can all be proud of.  On to the next steps!

Extended deadline!  

There’s been a renewed wave of interest in the “humans are weird” anthology, and the deadline is extended through July 15th.  Details are here!

Submissions are open! 

The "humans are weird" anthology is free to submit to, for all of May and June 2020.  I've had the email address up since midnight, and I've already gotten a few entries.  Here's hoping enough more follow them to make a most excellent book!  Do you, perhaps, enjoy writing about humans weirding out their alien acquaintances?  Details are here!