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Sweeping Changes is

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New Patreon project: Pests in an Alien Garden 

My second serial novel has drawn to a close, and now it’s time to start the third!

The first was science fiction, titled The First Time Traveler to Survive (in which no one takes into account the way the Earth moves over time, until the main character time travels and ends up on a space ship). The second was fantasy, titled Accidentally Human (in which several fantasy creatures get turned human against their will, and have to go “off to beat the wizard” to get changed back).

This new one will be called…

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Horrible Goose, wonderful anthology! 

This is a fun one. It started with a "wouldn't it be cool if" conversation, and within the hour turned into a group chat with 30 people and plans being made. The result is a collection of fairytale retellings, written in pairs: the same story from two different points of view. My partner and I tackled the Golden Goose. I got to make him a glorious bastard, in the tradition of the Untitled Goose Game. It was a blast. The profits go toward the Trevor Project, which makes it even better.  Available today!

New poetry 

This anthology just came out, featuring three of my poems.  Those three are a nice mix: one poignant observation, one funny moment, and one science fiction adventure that is very much the kind of thing I love to write.  It includes a character from the book I'm working on.  I feel very stealthy for getting such a thing into a collection of what is surely Dignified Poetry By Proper Adults.  Success! 

New short stories 

I've put up a half dozen new ones on the Short Stories page: the first six. They've all been shared elsewhere online already -- they got a good reception on Tumblr -- and they make a fine example of the things I've been writing lately. Everything from unexpected magic to elder gods pretending to be human. Fun stuff.

Just FYI 

I've been trying to fix the alignment glitch on the sidebar since December.  Apparently the webhosting company is the only entity with the power to do so.  They'll get to me eventually.  Meanwhile, I'll just twiddle my thumbs and look unprofessional.  I've discovered several ways to make it look worse, but nothing that will fix it.  I miss the old days of raw html, and building websites by myself.  *off to rant about kids these days*

Everywhere and Every Way 

Ta-dah!  We’re the Weird Aliens is now available across the board. Amazon and the other major retailers carry it in paperback as well as ebook, and so do the brick-and-mortar local stores that have survived this absurd year. (If they don’t have it in stock, they can order it easily.) The direct purchase route is still open as well, though they don’t ship everywhere. I’d say there’s still time to get it shipped before the end of the holiday season, but the current state of shipping (at least in the US) is ……

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Ebooks are up 

As planned; how nice!  You can buy the ebook of “We’re the Weird Aliens” here and here (and on many other online retailers) and the paperback here.  Amazon promises to also carry the paperback on December 18th; their pre-order option is up now.  The other stores should be on a similar schedule to Amazon.  (Now taking bets on whether any other Unexpected 2020 Shenanigans pop up.)


Well ahead of the schedule for Amazon and the other big retailers, the “We’re the Weird Aliens” anthology is available to purchase directly from the publishers here, in paperback format.  No worries about getting it in time for holiday gifts now!   

The ebook will be available as planned on November 18th, and the other stores will have the paperbacks on December 18th.   

(Barring any other unforeseen circumstances, of course.  There certainly haven’t been any of THOSE this year.)


The first stage of availability is here: pre-orders for ebooks.  Pre-orders for the physical copies should follow shortly, as will retailers other than Amazon. 

Official release dates: 
Ebook on November 18th 
Paperback on December 18th 
(I realize this is cutting it a bit close for Christmas purposes, but it’s the best we can do.)   

I’ll keep everyone posted about any further updates!

Cover art! 

(^Click through to see.)  Here's what the anthology will look like.  I don't know about you, but I find that alien’s expression funnier every time I look at it.   I'm enjoying thinking up scenarios for what happened before the picture was taken.

Release date coming soon!