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Free of the day job! 

As of today, I'm taking a stab at living off writing income the way I've dreamed of since I was ten.  It's beyond exciting.  I'll have a Patreon going live soon, for those would would like an inside track on all the new projects.  There are many! 

To paraphrase Calvin & Hobbes, there will be further updates as events warrant!

The updates may hit social media first:




New webhosting, and new published stories! 

The website looks subtly different, since it's migrated to a different host site, but all the same stuff should be here.  Let me know if you notice any bugs!

On to the publications, which are delightful fun:

I have a story called "Quicker Liquor" in Prismatica #7 (in which Cog the goblin saves the day in a most unorthodox manner), and an unrelated art piece in the same issue.

Then a short sequel was included in the holigay-themed "Gay Apparel: A Queer Holiday Flash Fiction Anthology".  They're very cute…

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That story I'd been meaning to write 

New anthology!  New short story!  It is delightfully absurd! 

Once upon a time, I was applying deodorant when I paused to wonder -- what if I got interrupted mid-process?  That would be annoying. But what could be enough of an interruption?

An alien invasion, obviously.

Then the Endeavor anthology was announced, and I had the perfect excuse to write the story. 

Flash fiction & poetry 

The newest addition to the short stories section is a half-page bit o' fun that ended up being the first of several installments.  I may post the others later.  I may also come up with a better title!  The current title is courtesy of my husband's high school students, who are big fans of the character.  I would love to do more with him. 

Then there was the call for poems in a new anthology, and my thoughts went thusly: (1) poetry is fun, and I hadn't written any in a while.  (2) The rest of the book was…

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Hubcap's origin story 

I have two short stories in this anthology -- one is a weirdly poetic thing about surviving a magical apocalypse, and the other is prehistory for the book that's in the final editing stages right now. 

I am very excited about both of these, but mostly about "Cursebot 9000."

The title will make some some sense after reading the story, and more sense after reading the book.  There's one scene that references it.  I didn't originally plan to write out that bit of backstory, but I'm very glad I did. 

Now I…

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New short story & poems 

There's a new short story up on the story page, inspired fully by the Humans Are Weird trend and this post on Tumblr. 

I love Humans Are Weird.  I've been writing it for years, and now tons of people have shown up to play with the idea, and there are some fantastic ideas.  Such fun! 

In unrelated news, I have two poems in this anthology by the Redwood Writers.  This was going to be a regular, run-of-the-mill collection of poems for this year ... then the California Firestorms obliterated a good chunk of…

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Books at the county fair! 

I'll be selling my book and giving a talk about my favorite method of beating writer's block at the county fair this year!  I'll be sharing a table with several other local writers -- we have the table for the entire run of the fair, though I'll just be there on Wednesday. 

The fair has a holiday theme this year, and Wednesday will be "Talk Like A Pirate Day."  There is no coincidence that this is the day I've chosen.

It's an experimental event for the Redwood Writers to take part in, and who knows how…

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Did I mention this other anthology? 

This one's out too!  Sonoma: Stories of a region and its people.  It's a collection of stories, essays, and poems about this lovely part of California.  I have two contributions (three if you count the photo).  One is a bit of nonfiction about growing up surrounded by trees, books, and invisible magic.  The other is a poem about a certain plant that grows around here.  It is special.  And not in a way you'd expect.  (No, not that one.) 

I'm sure the rest of the entries are great too. 

The Winners' Anthology is out! 

It's out earlier than expected:  No Contest: A Decade of Contest-Winning Stories from Redwood Writers.  I have a steampunk short story in this anthology, with sky whales and a robot named Tankerbelle.  I am very excited. 

There would have been two short stories involved, if not for the slight detail of not wanting to bring down the wrath of some powerful lawyers -- fanfiction isn't legal to sell.  But I can share it on the website here, and take comfort in the joy that this delightful bit of absurdity has…

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Writers' Conference 

I went to a three-day writers' conference this weekend, and it was a grand time.  I keep comparing it to a college creative writing course condensed down to a few days: I learned a lot, got valuable feedback on my writing, and met all sorts of fun new people.  If ever you have the opportunity to attend such a conference as MCWC 2017, I'd recommend it.  It's certainly possible to learn and network on your own without spending the money, but this makes everything much faster, and more fun! 

For anyone I met…

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