An upside to my day job

I work at a plastic store.  It's an uncommon sort of day job, and more interesting than the usual retail experience.  It usually doesn't tie in much to my author life, other than the little display that I've gotten to set up at the counter (which is fun).  

Now though, I've made myself a nice collection of plastic displays for book events.  It started with a polycarbonate book stand, tinted and classy and 250 times more impact-resistant than glass:


I use it along with a similarly-made sign (next to a stack of the books, and scattered bookmarks):

And now, since there were extra materials and time at work, I have a few for sale.  In case other authors want book stands they can step on and press flat without cracking.

I'm proud of the things.  Made 'em myself, I did.  And there are a couple tiny ones that make excellent smartphone stands too.  Hooray for creativity!

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