Flash fiction & poetry

The newest addition to the short stories section is a half-page bit o' fun that ended up being the first of several installments.  I may post the others later.  I may also come up with a better title!  The current title is courtesy of my husband's high school students, who are big fans of the character.  I would love to do more with him. 

Then there was the call for poems in a new anthology, and my thoughts went thusly: (1) poetry is fun, and I hadn't written any in a while.  (2) The rest of the book was practically guaranteed to be full of memoir and reflections, with nary a dragon or robot in sight.  (3) Time to write some science fiction and fantasy poems!  So I did.  And three of them are now published.  One is even about Hubcap, though you wouldn't know it unless you've read the book.  A surprise for future fans, I imagine.  And fun for anyone who likes sassy robots getting taken down a peg.  The other two poems are equally fun. 

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