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I am now part of both Hometown Reads and Imzy, which both look promising.  Hometown Reads is designed to connect authors and readers who happen to live nearby -- all the better for local events!  I can tell you, I'd love it if my favorite authors lived near me.  I'd go to every event possible.  And if I were to discover a cool new author who's already within driving distance, well.  That would be exciting news. 

Imzy, on the other hand, connects people by interest, regardless of location.  And it's specifically designed to prevent some of the more toxic elements of other social media venues.  There are anti-trolling measures that sound just peachy.  There are also no ads.  And so far everyone is friendly and excellent.  It's still in beta, and I'm happy to be getting in on the ground floor.  (It's currently invitation-only, though I have a number of invitations to share if you're interested.  We have a number of good bookish communities springing up.)

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