New Patreon project: Pests in an Alien Garden

My second serial novel has drawn to a close, and now it’s time to start the third!

The first was science fiction, titled The First Time Traveler to Survive (in which no one takes into account the way the Earth moves over time, until the main character time travels and ends up on a space ship). The second was fantasy, titled Accidentally Human (in which several fantasy creatures get turned human against their will, and have to go “off to beat the wizard” to get changed back).

This new one will be called Pests in an Alien Garden — yep, science fiction again. The human characters are the pests. They’re abducted and released in rival alien territory as an invasive species. While many writers would take this in a warlike direction, I’m leaning towards petty suburban drama in space. The humans are going to cause a lot of mischief on someone’s prize garden moon. It’s gonna be great. Read the chapters here!

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