New short story & poems

There's a new short story up on the story page, inspired fully by the Humans Are Weird trend and this post on Tumblr. 

I love Humans Are Weird.  I've been writing it for years, and now tons of people have shown up to play with the idea, and there are some fantastic ideas.  Such fun! 

In unrelated news, I have two poems in this anthology by the Redwood Writers.  This was going to be a regular, run-of-the-mill collection of poems for this year ... then the California Firestorms obliterated a good chunk of the town.  So the first part of the book is "before," and the second is "after."  My two poems are in the after section: spots of grasping optimism and joy amid all the tragedy. 

Because that's how I write.  Other people have the dark perspectives covered.  I will find something uplifting, dagnabbit, and I will enshrine it for the future. 

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