Two events this summer

If you'll be near Santa Rosa, California on July 10th or 12th, do stop by to hear a snippet of the book read aloud!  There will be other authors showcased at both events, and plenty of bookishness to go around. 

The first event is the yearly Author Launch put on by the Redwood Writers, my local chapter of the California Writers' Club. It's a free event showcasing all of the new books put out by members during the last year.  Good stuff.

Two days later, I'll be reading at Copperfield's Hot Summer Nights. This is a smaller event, with just four authors reading each Tuesday, and it shall be fun in a different way. I'm looking forward to both readings!  I have a brand new Square Reader Thingamawhatsit for my smartphone, and I'll be ready for anything short of barter by goat.

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