Writers' Conference

I went to a three-day writers' conference this weekend, and it was a grand time.  I keep comparing it to a college creative writing course condensed down to a few days: I learned a lot, got valuable feedback on my writing, and met all sorts of fun new people.  If ever you have the opportunity to attend such a conference as MCWC 2017, I'd recommend it.  It's certainly possible to learn and network on your own without spending the money, but this makes everything much faster, and more fun! 

For anyone I met at that conference, hi!  I'm polishing up the Hubcap story with plans of eventual publication.  I'll keep people updated of any developments on that front. 

If you want to read the end of that Harry Potter / Home Alone story, it's in the short story section at the top of the site. 

I got my awesome BookBookBag and Spellbook Wallet at Thinkgeek.  You're welcome. 

If you're on Twitter, come say hi!  I do most of my writerly socializing there.  If you're not twittering yet, perhaps you'd like to join us?  If you pick the right people to follow, it can be a blast. 

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