An upside to my day job

I work at a plastic store.  It's an uncommon sort of day job, and more interesting than the usual retail experience.  It usually doesn't tie in much to my author life, other than the little display that I've gotten to…


Winners' Anthology

You'll notice that "Barefoot in the Sky" has been taken down from the short story section, because it will be in an anthology!  The Redwood Writers have a collection of their various contest winners coming out soon, and my third-place…


New short story

There's an addition to the short story roster -- something that started with a compelling idea on Tumblr, and has potential to be something bigger eventually.  Y'know, some year.  When I don't have a stack of other things waiting to…


Featured Reader

I get to be a featured reader at an Open Mic event (which means I'm allotted more time than the average mortal, muahaha).  It should be lots of fun.  I'll be reading snippets from Sweeping Changes, the sequel, and Cold…

3rd place winner!

Recently I wrote a short story so I could submit it to a steampunk contest, and it won third place!  I am delighted.  The story is called "Barefoot in the Sky," and it's now posted in the short story section


Short story in an anthology!

Some time ago I mentioned that a short story formerly posted on the site would be published in an anthology.  It's out!  The story is "Cold Space," a fun bit of sci-fi, and the anthology is Untold Stories: From the


More ways to be social

I am now part of both Hometown Reads and Imzy, which both look promising.  Hometown Reads is designed to connect authors and readers who happen to live nearby -- all the better for local events!  I can tell you, I'd…


Two events this summer

If you'll be near Santa Rosa, California on July 10th or 12th, do stop by to hear a snippet of the book read aloud!  There will be other authors showcased at both events, and plenty of bookishness to go around. 


Another way to acquire books!

Physical books are now available through the Direct Purchase option, along with the ebooks!  This is exciting news for those of you interested in supporting authors to the maximum degree possible, and Sticking It To The Man.  (You can of…