The anthology is a go

There have been more than enough good entries to make an anthology we can all be proud of.  On to the next steps!


Extended deadline!

There’s been a renewed wave of interest in the “humans are weird” anthology, and the deadline is extended through July 15th.  Details are here!


Submissions are open!

The "humans are weird" anthology is free to submit to, for all of May and June 2020.  I've had the email address up since midnight, and I've already gotten a few entries.  Here's hoping enough more follow them to make…


The first three designs are up on Redbubble: "Warning: Will Pet Anything," "DeathPlaneteer," and "Long Live Admiral Stabby."  Here's an example:


Humans Are Weird

At the top of the page you'll see a link to an open-call anthology.  It is an exciting thing that you should absolutely look into.  If, y'know, you like science fiction.  Reading, writing -- either/or.  Especially if you like…



(EDIT:  This is out of date already.  See the next post for the new direction the Patreon will go.)

Here’s the long-awaited Patreon page, where all the best new content goes!  Short stories, art, comics, and anything else I…


Free of the day job!

As of today, I'm taking a stab at living off writing income the way I've dreamed of since I was ten.  It's beyond exciting.  I'll have a Patreon going live soon, for those would would like an inside track on…


New webhosting, and new published stories!

The website looks subtly different, since it's migrated to a different host site, but all the same stuff should be here.  Let me know if you notice any bugs!

On to the publications, which are delightful fun:

I have a…


That story I'd been meaning to write

New anthology!  New short story!  It is delightfully absurd! 

Once upon a time, I was applying deodorant when I paused to wonder -- what if I got interrupted mid-process?  That would be annoying. But what could be enough of an…


Flash fiction & poetry

The newest addition to the short stories section is a half-page bit o' fun that ended up being the first of several installments.  I may post the others later.  I may also come up with a better title!  The current…