One particular short story

One of the short stories that I had posted on this site will soon be published in an anthology (woohoo), so I've taken it down. 

If you can tell which one it was, then you are a Dedicated Fan /…



Behold!  I have opened a Twitter account

Exciting stuff.  I now have the appropriate venue for small observations like That dude at the bus stop was totally an orc in another life, and My cat just fell off


Giveaway and guest post

The second giveaway is over (congrats to the winner in Canada; the book will be on the way soon).  Interestingly enough, the number of people who entered this time was just a few dozen short of last time: over 1100…


Giveaway the second

Another copy is up for grabs!  From the 1st to the 7th, you can enter the giveaway for a copy of Sweeping Changes.  In the interests of science (and book promotion), I'm curious to see if more or fewer people…


TV interview!

I've just been interviewed for a local show called WriterSpeak (which will be up on TV as soon as they get the scheduling finalized).  In the meantime, it's on YouTube!  I daresay more people will be able to see it…


The giveaway countdown ends!

Holy cow, you guys!  1,191 people signed up for a shot at that one book!  Wow.  I'll definitely have to do that again.  These giveaways are quite the phenomenon. 

And while I'm at it, I entered two giveaways myself, for…


Dining with Local Authors

If you're in the Santa Rosa neighborhood on Monday the 12th, come join me along with several other local authors, in a restaurant reading!  We'll each read sections of our books, and have dinner with whichever fans & friends…


The giveaway countdown begins!

We're off to an amazing start -- more people have entered in this first day than I had any right to expect!  Thanks, you guys!  I might actually start to feel like a real professional author one of these days. 


Win a free copy!

During the first week of October, you can enter a giveaway at Goodreads for a free copy of Sweeping Changes, shipped straight to you!  It's even a signed first edition.  Historic! 

Go here, and throw your hat into the…


Totally normal

The Amazon page finally looks like you'd expect it to, with books in stock and no bizarre ETA. 

There's also a used copy available from the UK (?), and a new copy that ships from Japan (??), along with several…


Success! Mostly!

The era of pre-order is over!  The book can now be bought on Amazon like any other. 

...Except it says "Usually ships within 1 to 3 months."  That part's a little weird. 

Apparently the emails sent to people…


I have learned a thing

It turns out that Amazon release dates are not as smooth and seamless as one might expect.  Today is in fact the 27th, but the page still says to pre-order the book.  (Because, you see, it comes out on the…