Well that's interesting

Apparently Amazon can change their release dates without notice.  I swear yesterday it said the physical books would be available on the 20th, but now it says the 27th. 

Hmm.  That's unfortunate.  I'm glad I didn't have a release…



A copy of Sweeping Changes has been tagged at BookCrossing, and released into the wild. 

It's signed, and marked as #32 out of the 100 in the first printed batch.  Historic!

Will someone follow the note and mark its…



The pre-orders are up at Amazon for print books, and a few other sites have the eBooks available.  Those print copies will be available on August 20th.  It's getting closer all the time! 


And we're off!

The book is officially available for purchase (Huzzah!), though only in ebook format so far.  The physical copies should take another couple weeks.  And while there is currently just the direct purchase option, I'll soon have links to Amazon, Barnes&Noble…


All systems are go

First post, test post! 

As soon as the book goes live on the sale sites, I'll make a Real First Post. 

For now, imagine the cover image on the left is linked to a bookstore. 

Isn't this exciting?  This is…