How to Embarrass Yourself as a Shapeshifter

    “All right,” the fluffy cat said.  “Let’s be off.”  
    The tall robot followed him as he pranced down the lane, stopping in surprise when the cat sneezed loudly.  
    “That was adorable,” the robot said with a smile.
    Another kitten sneeze followed the first, then two more.  At the expression on the cat’s face, the robot began chuckling heartily.  
    “Of all the stupid things...” the cat muttered.  He sat down with a thump and took a deep breath, pointedly ignoring the laughing robot.  
    “Oh, is all this dust in the nasty outdoors too much for your poor widdle kitty nose?” she asked, clasping her hands together.  “Does oo need a tissoo?”  
    “No.  Shuttup and lemme concentrate.”
    “On what, the mannerisms of dirt particles?”
    “Then what, what?”
    The cat’s grumbled response was nearly inaudible.  The robot cupped a metal hand to her earport.  “Say again?”
    “Allergies,” the cat hissed.  “I gave myself allergies.  Now shut up and...”
    The robot’s whoop of hilarity overwhelmed whatever else the cat had to say.  "Are you allergic to yourself?"
    The cat turned away with a shake of his fur and did his best to focus, pretending not to see the robot laughing the hardest she had in years.
    After a moment, the cat said, “Fine.  Done.”  He stood up with a haughty sniff, which just set the robot off again.  “I said, I’m done.  Let’s go.”  
    “Of course.  Whatever you say.”  The robot feigned wiping tears of laughter from her glowing eyes.  “Ohhh, you are never living that down,” she said as they resumed walking.   
    “Shut your face.”
    “Nope, that was too good.”  
    “I will find a way to give you robot allergies.  Don’t tempt me!”
    “Oh, I believe you.”  
    They were silent for a few moments, then the robot burst into laughter again.  
    “Shut up.”  
    “Ahaha ...  Sorry.  Heh.  Snerk.”  
    A twitch of his plumy tail was the cat’s only response.