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Sweeping Changes is

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People have had this to say about Sweeping Changes:


A Lighthearted Fantasy Romp

"Moments of impending disaster and hardship are balanced with playful irreverence, and the voice inside the protagonist's head that simultaneously guides him and teases him feels like a longtime childhood friend."

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Perfect for a short weekend book

"You sense from the start there is much more to the protagonist than even he knows at the start. But this in no way leaves it as predictable."

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Steampunk and magic and intrigue, Oh my!

"While most of what I would love to discuss is very spoiler-heavy, what I can say is that this lighthearted, fantasy read gripped me with an almost fearful passion."

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 I am truly amazed that this is Mara Johnstone's first novel

"I'm not one for book reviews, but this book is special."

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Great Story!

"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down!"

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